Student Successes

Student Successes

Congratulations and Well Done to all pupils who danced in the 2019 Tunbridge Wells Dance Festival. Great results, too numerous to mention with many dancers being placed.   
 2013 winner of the Junior Bursary   – Zoe Snowball
2012 Winner of the Junior Bursary – Sam & James Large
2016 winner of the Professional Bursary – Zoe Snowball
Zoe has successfully auditioned for the Northern Ballet School, Theatre Ballet UK, and Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in New York. Zoe chose to study at Alvin Ailey for year 1 and has now moved to Joffrey Ballet School. She is now entering her final year before pursuing a contract.
Recent Success
2020. Afonso Cole Pinto-Pereira has successfully auditioned for the Young Dancer’s Academy and starts his full time dance education in September. He will also continue attending Mid-Associates at the Royal Ballet School.
2018. Olivia Moore will become a full time student at Young Dancer’s Academy. 
2017. George Stevens successfully auditioned for White Lodge and has been accepted for year 8. He is wonderfully happy with his life and his training at The Royal Ballet School and hopes to fulfil his dream of becoming a professional dancer.
 More Success

2020. 19yr old James Large  is now starting his professional career and has been given his first contract with the Royal Ballet company. James has a promising future ahead of him and his aim now is to pursue his dream of becoming a Principal Dancer in the future! 

2020. Zoe Snowball has received 2 years of solid training from the Joffrey Ballet School in New York and is presently pursuing  her career,  auditions! Zoe has a  great stage presence and strong technical ability and it is only time before she becomes a professional dancer with her first contract.

Past pupils’ success.

Scarlet Faro – Kate Simmons ballet school.

Isis Clegg-Vinell continues to do well in her gymnastic career, and has travelled the world showing her gymnastic ability in music video, and promotional work. She is currently with Cirque de Solieu

Joanna Bearman – 2 years at the Royal Ballet on the Senior Associates course. Accepted into Northern Ballet School.

Charlotte Duberry – Marcel Morceux Mime & Choreographic institute. Now freelances and choreographs for various companies.

Zoe Snowball, Hannah Spencer, Ashleigh Threadgold and Gabrielle Walker have all successfully auditioned for various children’s Ballet Companies at various times during their training at Southborough School of Dance.

Lucia Battain – Saturday Associates at ‘The Place’ for Contemporary style. Successfully auditioned for Rambert School and begins her training in Sept 2016. 

Nicola Theobald  – Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance.

Russian Ballet Style