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It is the policy of the school that fees must be settled within the first 3 weeks into the start of term. If personal difficulties require a change to this ruling then immediate consultation between parent and principal is expected. We are a considerate school and will agree to some form of easy payment if the need arises.

We do not require a deposit or a joining fee, as many schools request, but it is courteous, and expected, that a term’s notice must be given, in writing, for anyone wishing to leave the school.

All new pupils are given at least two weeks trial of classes before deciding to enrol. This also gives the teacher time to assess the pupils’ ability and allows the newcomer time to assess their new surroundings. An enrolment form is then given and fees are expected to be settled the following week.

Ballet uniform is a regulation and can be purchased at the Dancing Boutique in Tunbridge Wells.
Tel: 01892 529720.

Southborough School has a second hand shop where new parents can purchase ballet kit if they so wish. All proceeds go into the Dance School Fund.

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