Parent /Performer information Charity Concert at West Kent College 2017


Our event is governed by the Children in Entertainment laws
Therefore, please read our safeguarding policy:  SafeGuardingPolicy.pdf

Further information on Children in Entertainment can be found on


Please read Chaperone information on our web site. All Chaperones will receive the Chaperone schedule by e-mail.


All under 16s must be collected by parent/guardian adult from both Rehearsals and Show at the times stated in the schedule. Due to safeguarding rules under 16s will not be allowed to leave the building without being formally handed over to such person. Nor will they be able to remain in the building between the Saturday rehearsal and show.

Saturday 8th July

  • 16:00 – Sweeps Rehearsal
  • 16:30 – Graduation Ceremony Rehearsal

Sunday 9th July

  • 16:30 – Leavers  Photo-shoot

Friday 14th July – Rehearsal

Arrival Internal Notes Collection Times
Babies must be there by 16:30.

Everyone else from 16:30 and must be there by 17:00

16:30 Start with Babies to show them the stage etc.

17:15 Rehearsal must start

Program Run through from start to finish no


Babies collect at 18:15
19:15 collection for under 16 s.
  • Cleopatra
  • Kim from Miss Saigon
  • Doubles
  • Memories
  • Jean of Arc
  • One Moment in Time
  • Pictures from the Past
  • Seniors(will be missing two under 16ns)
20:45 for over 16ns

Saturday 15th July – Rehearsal and Show

9:45 Babies arrive

9:45 Pre_Prep arrive

11:00 Everyone Else Arrive

  • Sing a Rainbow
  • Tambrourine Fun
  • My little Pony
  • In the Garden
  • Pure Imagination
  • Bring me sunshine
  • Finale
  • Follow as per production Director’s wishes.
Babies finish 11:00

Pre_pep finish 13:00

All finish by 15:00

16:30 Everyone arrive
Show start’s at 17:30
Babies must be collected at interval

Everyone else finish at 20:15

Sunday 16th July – Show

Everyone return 14:30
Show starts at 15:30
Babies collect during interval

Everyone leave at 18:15

Russian Ballet Style