July 2017

The theme for this years performance is “Graduation Ball”


  • Saturday 15th of July at 5.30pm
  • Sunday 16th of July at 3.30pm


West Kent College, Brook Street, Tonbridge TN9 2PW

There is ample of parking on site


Tickets will be available during rehearsal times:

  • £12 per adult
  • £6 for 4-18 year old


A licensed bar will be available during rehearsals and all Performances

DVD Forms and collection box will be on site.

There will be a teacher’s collection.

Raffle tickets and photo’s will be available to purchase.


Parents please see info here


Our supported charity will be B-eat. B-eat is the Tunbridge Wells Mayor’s Charity 2016-17.

B-eat is a national charity that helps young people and adults who have eating disorders. It also supports carers and professionals working in this area.

They have an online presence as well as face to face support.

The driving force behind B-eat is to promote awareness of eating disorders and they have young ambassadors ranging from 14 to 25 who are fully trained and supported by B-eat to inspire others with a message that recovery is possible.

Upon becoming Mayor and Mayoress it was important for Jill and myself to get involved with a charity that supports young people with eating disorders as we have had personal experience of how it can affect those nearest to you. A family member was at near death with anorexia/bulimia. There is currently no support group within the Tunbridge Wells area and therefore we hope to raise the profile of this debilitating mental disorder.

Too often it is a hidden disease with no acceptance from the young person that they have a problem. We wish to put in place a support group network that can raise the profile, go into schools and raise awareness. Currently too many doctors and clinicians treat the body not the mind. The condition has just started to be recognised as something that affects both sexes and it is not just a vanity thing. 1 in 4 sufferers are male.

Causes can start simply from things like bullying at school, peer pressure and body images seen in adverts and television. There are so many young people who are perfectionists these days and it is incredible how many famous people in the entertainment world have this condition.’ Sir Elton John to name but one.

Many Thanks
Mayor Dave
Mayor of Royal Tunbridge Wells

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